7 Reasons People DON’T BUY From You (How To Overcome Sales Objections)

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

A recent campaign by General Motors went viral after running an ad in the Super Bowl. The campaign asked viewers to color their profiles purple, with each one generating a dollar donation to the American Cancer Society. The campaign garnered nearly 1.3 million Facebook likes and 700,000 Twitter followers. Moreover, it raised $2 million for the American Cancer Society. Chevy also used social media to raise money for cancer research, generating 5x more likes than the previous campaign and appearing 45 million times in news feeds.

The first step in social media marketing is determining your target audience. You should know their interests, their demographics, and what they’re looking for. Social media platforms have millions of users, and you can reach them by using a mix of organic and paid marketing methods. You can use social media to reach a broader audience. For example, Facebook has 2.89 billion active monthly users, which can be a huge potential audience. For better targeting, you can pay for ads or create content that focuses on your target audience. You can do this by creating content, sponsoring posts, or participating in groups. Also, engaging with influencers in your industry will help you grow your audience.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, social media can also help you gather market information. For example, a recent ‘bend gate’ issue created confusion among customers, but Apple responded quickly to the issue by issuing a statement that the problem is incredibly rare and took steps to make its mobile device’s case stronger. Traditional methods of market research are expensive and time-consuming and take weeks to analyze. However, social media helps marketers gather information in “real time.” This is particularly helpful in a fast-paced, global market like today.

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