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How to Develop Your Social Media Presence

Unlike traditional media, social media marketing gives you the ability to communicate with customers directly. You can also share your thoughts and opinions in blogs, forums and content communities.

You can also take advantage of social listening to identify new trends and potential competitors. You can search competitor accounts for keywords and monitor their performance in real time.

You can also take surveys to gather information about your audience’s expectations, needs and desires. You can then use that information to inform your social marketing strategy.

The best social media marketing platforms provide tools to track your audience’s engagement with your content. For example, Hootsuite Streams allows you to monitor your relevant accounts in real time. You can also customize reports to reflect your own social media metrics.

If you are unsure whether your current social media channel is worth your time, ask yourself if you are adding value. If you aren’t, you should add another.

As you develop your social media presence, build your brand by creating engaging content. Keep your core identity consistent. People connect with content that inspires them.

You can use paid social media advertising to reach highly targeted audiences. Google AdSense, for instance, uses keyword analysis to target specific demographics. Likewise, Facebook has “call to action” buttons on your profile. These buttons are designed to encourage engagement with your page.

You can also try creating sticky content, which encourages people to share your content. This type of content engages them at first glance and promotes purchases.

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