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Social Media Advertising – Developing a Plan For Your Social Media Campaigns

As with any other marketing strategy, social media marketing begins with a plan. Once you have a clear idea of the goals you wish to achieve, the next step is to implement the plan. You can create a plan for a year, five years, or even ten years, and then adjust it as needed. In addition to developing a plan, it’s important to conduct research to learn what your audience wants. This will help you formulate the right content and frequency for your social media content.

Using social media metrics can help you build a stronger social media presence, boost engagement, and increase conversions. If you’re starting a new profile, you should focus on building an audience and establishing trust with followers. If you’ve been around for awhile, you may want to consider a hybrid strategy, which combines local and corporate social media accounts.

When creating a content calendar, make sure to take into account your social profiles’ mission statements and the various types of content you’ll post on each profile. You’ll want to use 20% of your content to promote your business and its offerings. A third of your content should be focused on converting readers and generating profit. You should also consider sharing thought leadership articles and the stories of other like-minded businesses.

As with any social media campaign, it’s important to stick to your brand’s voice, tone, and style. A consistent tone and style will make it easier for followers to identify your content and remain on brand. For instance, National Geographic’s Instagram feed features breathtaking images with compelling captions. Meanwhile, Lush Cosmetics uses Twitter to highlight superior customer service.

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